Editorial by Stéphane Sésé

Snow golfing is above all a matter of passion, meeting people and dreams coming true. It is also about the love of nature and travelling.

Snow Golf is still a private sport, although very old as it was played over a century ago. (see article "What is Snow Golf ?"). It is a mixture of unforgettable and intense conviviality that sprinkles the golfers’ course. It is this unique sensation that we would like to share with you by organizing the 9th Snow Golf Trophy at Gstaad in Switzerland.

The Gstaad resort is situated in the heart of Europe with its natural panoramas and magnificent sunshine, besides its rich and plural culture, Gstaad still has a lot to offer.

The master key words of this competition are the quality welcoming, the organisation but also the sharing and the pleasure that this competition offers to experienced and amateur golfers, allowing them to discover new sensations by confronting themselves on white greens.
We will make the most of the competition so that you can discover Gstaad and its surroundings.

One thing is sure and it is worth remembering that Snow Golf competitions are rare around the world, this makes them even more precious and it is an unprecedented ‘Grand Cru’ coming up…not forgetting that various nations are represented.

I will say just one word: make the most of the competition on the 7th March 2015, and keep in mind the stillness and pureness of the ski slopes at dawn.

Welcome to the Gstaad Snow Golf.

Warm regards,
Stéphane Sésé