Rules and program of the event

Article 1 : Preamble :

On Saturday the 07th March 2015 Square Partners Ltd is organizing the Gstaad SNOW GOLF competition. The competition is based on the traditional rules, how ever; rules can be adapted to the winter weather conditions. Considering the special features of this competition, the players acknowledge the present rules and accept them. More than any other competition, this one will be subject to the weather conditions. Therefore the organisers could cancel the whole competition, should this be required necessary. The fact that you have registered for this competition means that you are aware and accept this hazard. The site of the competition will be held on the Berghauss Wispile de Gstaad golf course which has been converted for the occasion by Gstaad Mountain Rides.

If the golf event was to be cancelled, the main proceedings will be maintained (breakfast, lunch, snack, hot drinks and the cocktail on the 08th of March). In this case the amount of 200 Euros per player and 110 Euros per person accompanying will be acquired to cover the cost.

Article 2 - Reception :

The date of the competition is on the Saturday 07th March 2015 at 10.30am at the Gstaad Berghauss Wispile Chalet. Players will be welcomed at the Chalet from 9.30am on that day.

You can register up until sunday 20th February 2015 at 12h00, registrations can be made on the following Web site : (depending on availabilities)

Article 3 - Rules of the game :

9 scramble holes by teams of 2 :
« The players make up a team of 2. Each player has a first go; « the captain » decides which ball is the best one. From that same position each player has a second go and so on until everyone has finished the hole. »
This event is open to all amateur players, licensed in their National Federation. The 2015 Licence must inevitably be registered by the Golf Federation before Saturday the 07th March 2015, a medical certificate for the current year stipulating your physical condition. Considering the conditions of the competition, you have to have an excellent physical condition and be completely autonomous.
The time limit for you to do the course has been set at 3 hours and 15 minutes, over that time limit penalties will be set as by the rules in effect.

Article 4 - Departure draw :

Departure times will be drawn at random

Article 5 - Equipment and Security :

Trekking boots, sunglasses, warm clothes as well as a pair of ski gloves (or 2 pairs of golf gloves) and a warm hat are highly recommended. You are limited to a choice of 6 golf clubs and a light weight bag. Considering the landscape and the snow you will have to carry your bag. Yellow golf balls and tees will be given out by the organizers.

Article 6 - Departure points and amount of teams :

Men and women play off from the same point.

The total amount of the teams is limited to 18. If the number of candidates exceeds the maximal amount of teams, teams will be set out in order of the date of registration; however, considering the limited number of places, the organisation has a right of admission.

Article 7 - Commitment rights :

- Players fee: 290 €/CHF
- Non players fee 110 €/CHF taking care of the food and beverage costs (breakfast, lunch, snack and hot drinks, wine and Champagne, cocktail soirée of the 08th March 2014).

Article 8 - Package contents :

- Green fee and game fee.
- Six yellow golf ball and tees.
- Breakfast, lunch, snacks and hot drinks, wine and Champagne.
- Buffet supper. 
- cocktail Awards.

Accompanying person :
- Breakfast, lunch, snacks and hot drinks throughout the day ;
- Buffet supper. 
- cocktail Awards.

Not included in the Package:
- Golf equipment;
- Warm skiing clothes and accessories;

Article 9 - Ranking and Sorting :

Brut and net cannot be accumulated, brut takes over the net
5 brut teams - 15 net teams - Draw
Sorting: for the 1st place, sorting will be done on the: 9 – 6 – 3 last holes and then on the 12th hole.
Target contest. Draw will take place at the same time as the prize giving. (all absent players will not be able to claim their prize or take part in the draw – the prize will go back into the draw)

Article 10 - Main prize giving :

On Saturday the 07th March 2015 at 8.00 pm the prize giving will take place in a luxury hotel of the town of Gstaad.

Article 11- Deadline for registration: Sunday 20 th February 2015 at 12h00

All teams who withdraw after the deadline are due to pay the registration fee.

Article 12 - Information

Bookings and inquiries will be done through the Web site, final registrations will be made by secure payment, and will be valid up until Friday the 06th March 2015. Last minute registrations can be taken on site up until Friday 06 th March at 12h00. (depending on availabilities)

You may also register by post, by sending in your registration before Friday the 28th of  february to:
Tecnosud - 100, rue James Watt

Tel : +33(0)4 68 34 11 77 or

Please write out the commitment cheque to SQUARE PARTNERS SA.
Please print out the registration form directly from the Web site, once you have filled it in don’t forget to send it.

For further information contact: Mr. Stéphane Sésé GSM : +33 (0)
Land line. : 00 33 (0) - Fax : 00 33 (0)

Article 13 - Accommodation:

Bookings and payments are to be made directly to the concerned hotel. The Square Partners agency is not in charge of transport or accommodation.

Article 14 - Right of image :

Taking part in this competition means that each participant, player or accompanying person, agree to the free use of any pictures or films made during the event. (They could eventually be used on television, photos or videos); and could be published in a news covering or for publicity/promotion means.

Article 15 - Program reminder :

- Saturday 07th March 2015, from 8.30 am pick up of the ‘SNOW GOLF PASS’ at the de Wispile (Gstaad) cable car desk
- Cable car lift up to the Wispile Chalet (golfers and accompanying adults) from 8:30 am.
- Welcoming at the Berghaus Wispile Chalet with a buffet (coffee, tea, fruit juices, croissants and fresh fruit)
- Handing out of the « Tee Gifts ».
- Start of the competition at 10.30 am (departure times of each team will have been communicated the day before)
- Buffet along the course (Swiss specialties and the Snow bar)
- Snacks on the buffet, hot and cold drinks, Danish pastries, fruit, wine and Champagne.
- Cable car return to the Gstaad village (last return at 6.00 pm 18h00)
- 8pm : cocktail Awards.

In case of bad weather conditions, golfers can spend time in the ski resort.

In case the whole competition is cancelled the prices will be given out by a draw. In either case the cocktail  will take place on Saturday the 07th March 2015 at 8 pm.